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WA Browser 2.3

WA Browser is built on the same trident engines as used in Internet Explorer (See all)

WA Browser is a simple and straightforward browser. It is built on the same Trident engine used in Internet Explorer and relies upon this browser. Hence, to run WA Browser, you should have IE installed on your system. What I found unique about this browser was the GoBar. This is a bar on the left side of the browser,which allows you to navigate easily through web pages. It has commands such as goback, goforward, stop, refresh, and gohome. This form of navigation is more helpful as compared to navigation in other browsers. You can also set the browsing options in the GoBar options window.

There is also a choice of skins for a better look and feel. You also have a choice of tabs over windows like in other browsers, plus the useful Gobar and a special menu. This reduces desktop clutter. The latest version of WA Browser is designed for use in Windows 7 and has features vying Internet Explorer 8. WA Browser has an import/export tool, which allows you to move your favorite bookmarks to and from the browser. WA Browser uses the engines of Internet Explorer 7 and 8, hence you are expected to upgrade to these versions of Internet Explorer.

Luis Sanchez
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  • GoBar allows better navigation


  • Dependent on Internet Explorer engines
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